The Community Foundation believes regional vitality is core to our vision of being a national leader in regional collaboration creating the culture which results in increased philanthropy and prosperity. Through regional collaboration we will increase the power of charitable giving and philanthropy to transform our region into an economically vibrant area. We believe in the future Northwest Missouri will be known for its vibrant home towns with extraordinary citizens who invest in and care about the prosperity of their region. Through regional collaboration the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri supports and fosters grass roots innovation and economic vibrancy in communities. We believe a successful future is based on our work today.

Our regional collaborative work today is being led by our Regional Vitality Committee. The purpose of this committee is to serve as the catalyst and convener for encouraging, connecting and supporting communities in regional vitality efforts. Part of this role is to understand: our regional assets, community challenges, as well as regional and community networks either existing or needed to bring the region together, where beneficial. This will involve understanding: the region, what the people see as needs, and identifying, tracking and analyzing data and trends that help the region understand progress toward the goal of regional vitality.
First the committee is creating a starting point or baseline for analysis and forward movement. In building the baseline the committee will focus on the following:

  • Support those who are building skills and capabilities for entrepreneurs, existing business, agri-business and workforce development.

  • Understand how ‘quality of life’ and “education” are impacting regional vitality.

  • Build networks to support those who live in the region and encourage those who have left to come back.


The committee’s ongoing work involves data collection and detailing. This analysis will be used to recruit businesses, public sector individuals, and regional leaders to engage in a cross sector group for regional vitality. The Committee will also leverage data that may be needed for workforce, industry and entrepreneurship where the goal is to support conditions that help communities grow and build on existing community assets and resources.

If you are interested in serving Northwest Missouri as part of this committee please contact our office.

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