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As a trusted advisor, you know many of your clients are interested in leaving a legacy in their community and can receive generous tax benefits through charitable giving. The Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, Inc. works with professional advisors to enrich the charitable giving strategies of their clients. Our dedicated team can help you find the best solutions for your clients, and we offer a variety of giving options.

Advantages of Working with the Community Foundation

Tax Benefits

We will assist you in ensuring your clients receive maximum tax benefits while giving back meaningfully to the causes they care about most.

Community Foundation vs. Private Foundations

Establishing a charitable fund at The Community Foundation has numerous advantages over establishing a private foundation. Benefits of working with The Community Foundation include reduced administrative costs, established tax exempt status, additional tax benefits, professional investment management, no minimum annual distribution and access to our team of philanthropic experts. When working with The Community Foundation, your clients have the option to choose their own investment managers or choose from The Community Foundation’s investment portfolios.

About The Financial Advisor Program

The Community Foundation’s Financial Advisor Program is a win-win for everyone involved: You enhance your services to your clients, while your clients enhance their charitable giving with the benefit of our resources and expertise. At the same time, the quality of Northwest Missouri benefits from your combined efforts and support.

As a financial advisor, you can:

  • Retain and manage your clients’ charitable assets at your financial institution

  • Convert non-managed client assets into charitable dollars that you manage

  • Offer your clients a value-added service, by connecting them to professionals who combine charitable expertise with knowledge of Northwest Missouri’s nonprofit community


Who Are Candidates For This Program?

Look for clients who:

  • Have high capital gains tax exposure

  • Are in a “transition” phase of life, such empty nest, retirement, involved in estate planning

  • Want a charitable tax deduction now with the flexibility to direct distributions in the future

  • Want to grow their contributions tax-free over time

  • Are looking to give something back to their community

  • Want to leave a legacy for future generations


What you should know

  • Statements will be reconciled quarterly between you and The Community Foundation.

  • Please contact us at 816.232.2022 for easy-to-use fund establishment forms, information about fees and other administrative details.

  • The Financial Advisor Program also requires you to follow professional and industry standards in managing donor funds.

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