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These 7-minute and 17-minute videos tell the story of how our region in Northwest Missouri, home of traditional values and good people… is in trouble. With compelling imagery and expert testimony, the videos give a snapshot into the reality that touches each person in the Midwest. See why we all must stand together, or surely fall together.

Saving Middle America
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Once booming cities with healthy economies, strong industries, and solid communities…are turning into lifeless, vacant ghost towns. Factory towns are shrinking, and small local stores and businesses are disappearing. Small family farms are being sold off to large farming operations, changing the landscape of our rural communities.

​We are losing a large percentage of our youth… - to the big cities and coastal states…Where opportunities appear more vibrant. We’re in what’s been called …a brain drain.

​The economic game has changed… and the playing field is bigger than we ever thought possible…it’s no longer Region against Region. Or State against State. Our competition is GLOBAL. Everyone on the planet… is in the game… And we are getting knocked off our feet…… But “Globalization” is just ONE of many barriers…With each new obstacle our Global competitor takes the advantage, putting us way behind on the scoreboard. They are working smarter and fighting harder than ever before.

​The Midwest, specifically Northwest Missouri, needs visionary resolute partners to circumvent its impending decline. It is only with the help of those willing to give of themselves and their resources can we change this trend. Partners: businesses, individuals, and groups, need to build a reserve of funds to support community foundations leading the charge. Only they can organize, collaborate, and initiate from a neutral position the broad spectrum of groups and individuals for the overall good of the region.

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